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DIY Antioxidant Additive….Add a Kick to Your Skin Care Routine!

Back in my facial days I used Dermalogica.  Speaking of green washing.....  Anyway-that's another post but while under the disguise of being natural, they had some really creative products that I enjoyed using in my treatments.  One that I clearly remember were their additives.  They came in these small (1 ounce) tin bottles and had somewhat of an oily consistency.   They were used by adding them into other products.  They smelled heavenly and I always added them into the mask and sometimes into … [Read more...]

Antioxidant Rich Trail Mix-A little cup of Energy!

I'm always on the search for healthy snacks.  I know, the more I plan and portion out my food, the more successful I am at staying healthy and not overeating.  It's those times when I don't have healthy snacks that I can grab quickly, that I eat weird crap.  I pretty much don't keep junk food in the house but you can bet I will figure something out that's going to end up screwing me up for the day! I love trail mix, but let's face it-have you ever looked at the fat and calories in it?  It's a … [Read more...]