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Candy Cane Lip Scrub w/ Vital Proteins Gelatin

Happy Holidays!!  Today I'm feeling especially festive and thought we could make a super fun and easy lip scrub out of candy canes!!  Not only is this recipe and effective scrub, it tastes good too!  This recipe comes from Vital Proteins.  You might remember my post on Collagen Peptides.  Well, they are my collagen/gelatin source.  When Katie from Vital Proteins emailed me this recipe, I just had to try it and share because it's just too sweet not to! All you need are candy canes, gelatin and … [Read more...]

DIY Eyebrow Gel…

I often come up with DIY's as I need them.  Lately my brows have looked just plain bushy and weird.  I think it has something to do with my makeup.  Have you ever applied your foundation and then noticed you got a bit too much in your brows?  Then you try to fix it with brow powder or pencil but something still doesn't look right?  Well, that's been me every time I wear make up.  I usually can fix it with a clear mascara but let's face it, finding a non-toxic mascara is not easy!  My make up … [Read more...]

DIY Pore Strips!

In my mid 30's I no longer deal with break outs-my skin is drier but that doesn't exempt me from blackheads!  Most people's skin needs are complex.  It's very common to have several issues that contradict each other.  Today, I'm going to make a mask that will simply purge my pores of impurities, namely blackheads.  I'm sure all of us at one point in time have used pore strips-you remember, those band aids from hell that you place on your nose, wait 10 minutes then RIP!  Ouch!  They work though.  … [Read more...]