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Workout Must-Haves for Spring!

Spring is right around the corner and that means tank tops, shorts and the dreaded.....SWIMSUITS!!  I'm so not ready and totally need to hit the gym hard!  Sometimes I find it so hard to get motivated to exercise but I'll tell you-cute workout clothes and accessories can really do the trick!  A good soundtrack doesn't hurt either! Cute workout pants with a pop of teal-Perfect alternative to a plain black!  Plus these are really cheap! A really strappy sports bra makes any plain work out … [Read more...]

Ready or Not-It’s Bikini Countdown Time!

So, warm weather has hit.  It's definitely time to shed some winter pounds and tone everything up.  If I seriously think I'm getting into a swimsuit in front of anyone besides my girls and my husband, it's GO TIME. I've mentioned before about my constant effort for achieving balance in my life.  I tend to focus on one thing and ditch the rest.  The rest mainly being exercise!  This has been a long winter with inconsistent exercise so I've got my work cut out for me! I'm hoping by sharing … [Read more...]

Fit Bit One reviews…..

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE tracking.  Whether that's calories or my steps, it works for me.  There is something very visually satisfying to see what I'm eating and the steps I'm taking.   I decided to monitor my activity during the day and bought a FITBIT ONE.  The Fitbit is like a pedometer on steroids!  Seriously..... The Fitbit One is small.  I clip it inside my bra (I have room in there after my second baby-sad face). It is so comfortable that I can even sleep with it, and I sleep … [Read more...]

Peak 8 fitness…..

Exercise.....I have a love hate relationship with it.  I've maintained my weight since I was around 16 by doing some sort of cardio for 30 minutes 3x a week.  If I stopped my routine, it didn't take long for me to gain that 10lbs I had been keeping at bay.  When I had my first baby I continued my routine at home after buying a treadmill.  After I finished breast feeding I quickly gained the dreaded 10lbs even with my 30 minutes of brisk walking 3x a week.  So, I started counting calories.  It … [Read more...]