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Blush, Bronzer & Shadow, Oh My!

For those of you who have taken the plunge and bought the ingredients for your own mineral make up, and for those of you who are still not quite sure, this post is for you!  With the ingredients that are necessary for making your own mineral make up, you can also make blush, bronzer and eye shadow!  Besides mascara and lipstick, I have everything I need for a full face of make up with my mineral make up ingredients!  Go HERE for the original mineral makeup foundation recipe. Bronzer … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Mineral Makeup

I have used mineral makeup for at least a decade now.  When Bare Minerals came out, I was amazed at how well it covered and that it was actually good for my skin.  Now, a decade later, I realize how simple it is to make!  While I don't really believe it's that beneficial to my skin, I do believe it's simple and free of harmful chemicals that are in other make up foundations.  Mineral make up is excellent for oily skin types and especially for sensitive skin.  Mineral makeup is not only gentle, … [Read more...]