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Yeast Overgrowth & Detox Made Simple!

I've mentioned in about a dozen other posts that I have digestive issues.  I'm a big advocate of probiotics and focus on eating as clean as I can.  I also drink a ton of water and exercise.  Seems like I should be good to go, right?  Wrong.  I'm bloated, constipated and uncomfortable 80% of the time.  Not to mention it's pretty normal to get asked the question, "when are you due?".  I always am thankful for my stomach issues though because by wanting relief so desperately it has put me on a … [Read more...]

DIY Under Eye Circle Eraser

As promised, I'm back after my post on dark under eye circles, to deliver you a DIY recipe that should diminish this issue greatly.  As I mentioned in my previous post, under eye circles are not one of my issues so this recipe is based on extensive research.  I will tell you that this "eraser" is easy to make and I am using it on broken capillaries, as is my mother.  Just to recap-Dark circles under the eye can be an indication of a deeper issue.  They can indicate that there is a liver issue or … [Read more...]

Antibiotics for Clear Skin? I Think Not….

So often I hear from people wanting to clear their skin.  The products aren't working and it's time to call the dermatologist.  Let me start by saying, I feel your pain-I get it.  I had acne in my teens.  The dermo. put me on antibiotics and Retin-A and sent me on my way.  Little did I know I had just stepped on a train I couldn't get off of for years and years.  While the round of antibiotics was only a few months, my stomach issues and skin problems plagued me for years.  You name it, my … [Read more...]