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Ultramoisturizing Lotion via Glow by Nadia Neumann

Body Unburdened, a blog by Nadia Neumann is one of my favorite blogs.  When she came out with a book, I couldn't wait to read it.  Nadia is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and digs deep when it comes to all things health.  She's also a fellow DIYer when it comes to skin care!  Her new book, Glow does not disappoint.  With a section full of vital information on how the foods you eat effect your skin, loads of healthy food recipes for beautiful skin and several simple DIY skin care recipes, … [Read more...]

Must Read: 200 Tips, Techniques & Recipes for Natural Beauty

Author and blogger, Shannon Buck is a professionally trained herbalist who studied Aromatherapy and Essential Oils at Bastyr University.  Her blog, Fresh Picked Beauty is a lot like Jenni Raincloud-brimming over with natural beauty tips and DIY skin care recipes.  Shannon believes that you can make quality, organic products in your own kitchen that far surpass many of the beauty products on the market.  Needless to say, Shannon and I have the same values and ideas when it comes to how to take … [Read more...]

Skin Remodeling DIY

Many of you reading this are like me, that's why you're here!  DIY skin care is fascinating, empowering and all around smart.  It's not just for the uber crunchy-granola crowd anymore!  It's for women who want to feel and look young but don't want the toxic chemicals that are oh so common in the world of beauty.  When Deborah Tosline contacted me about her new book I was thrilled.  I'm hungry for anything I can get my hands on that is credible and readable.  I'll just be honest-I run into a lot … [Read more...]

The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide!

Hi everyone!  I am so excited to tell you about the highly anticipated book by Lauryn Evarts from one of my favorite blogs, The Skinny Confidential.  I discovered TSC by accident, but instantly was hooked to this candid, funny but SUPER SHARP blog.  Lauryn Evarts, who is the brains behind The Skinny Confidential, is a savvy, sharp and sassy super blogger with an eye for style.  The Skinny Confidential started as a fitness blog, focusing on Lauryn’s love for exercise and health.  It has evolved … [Read more...]