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Pacifica Body Products Review…

So most of you are aware of my current giveaway and probably noticed my beauty box is full of Pacifica.  Not too long ago, I ran into some info. about this company.  I had originally dismissed the products because I thought they were just another one of those lines that boast of being "all-natural" but were far from it.  I thought they were all about their packaging and being green but not about the actual ingredients in their products.  There are so many skin care lines that use clever wording … [Read more...]

DIY Lavender Silky Body Wash……

Today I'm going to share recipe for a luxurious and decadent DIY Body Wash!  I have made this recipe for my family for quite a while now.  It foams, it cleans and it moisturizes.  You might ask why I make my own?  Well, first of all I want to avoid chemicals.  Body washes are filled with them.  Second, I like to save money and third, I need a body wash that will clean as well as moisturize my dry skin.  This homemade body wash checks all 3 boxes! Most body washes contain a bevy of harmful … [Read more...]

Homemade Organic Baby Wash

I am always so annoyed at buying high dollar shampoo/body wash for the girls.  All they want is Mr. Bubble and that smell I love, but I know too much now!  The huge list of ingredients to anything at a decent price is scary.  Plus I did some research on "tear free" claims-Oh my.  The chemical added to make a shampoo "tear free" actually anesthetizes the eye so that the sting of the shampoo is not felt!  This chemical can temporarily numb the eye or worse.  The chemical is used in pesticide … [Read more...]