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The Art of Multi-Masking…

There's a new trend in the beauty world called "multi-masking".  Most of us are busy and always trying to perfect the art of multi tasking, right?  Well, are beauty routine is no exception.  Multi-masking is actually one of those concepts where you wonder why you didn't think of it sooner?  Multi-masking is where you treat different issues of your skin with different masks depending on what that area of your skin needs.  No-brainer right?! It's truly a healthier way to mask because 99% of us … [Read more...]

Pacifica Body Products Review…

So most of you are aware of my current giveaway and probably noticed my beauty box is full of Pacifica.  Not too long ago, I ran into some info. about this company.  I had originally dismissed the products because I thought they were just another one of those lines that boast of being "all-natural" but were far from it.  I thought they were all about their packaging and being green but not about the actual ingredients in their products.  There are so many skin care lines that use clever wording … [Read more...]

Perfect your Pout with Tarte!

Finding the perfect lip gloss and lipstick is paramount, am I right?  How many times have you bought a lip gloss and it ends up being the wrong shade, too light, or no staying power?  For me it's often.  To be honest I'm always compromising my "beauty values" for lip products.  I know all the chemicals that are in most lipsticks but yet I still give in when I think I've found just the right color. Let me just say, compromising on quality when it comes to lip products is really a bad idea.  … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Plus DIY Daily Brush Spritzer

I know you all know you should clean your makeup brushes, right?!   Let's break it down a bit further though.  Some SERIOUS yuckies can hide out in your make up brushes.  Think bacteria, dirt and sebum.  Gross.  Here we are, fighting the war against wrinkles and problem skin and we are rubbing bacteria, dirt and sebum all over are face daily.  Really counterproductive don't you think?  Plus, makeup brushes can get really expensive-investing in the right brushes can make all the difference in how … [Read more...]