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DIY Antioxidant Additive….Add a Kick to Your Skin Care Routine!

Back in my facial days I used Dermalogica.  Speaking of green washing.....  Anyway-that's another post but while under the disguise of being natural, they had some really creative products that I enjoyed using in my treatments.  One that I clearly remember were their additives.  They came in these small (1 ounce) tin bottles and had somewhat of an oily consistency.   They were used by adding them into other products.  They smelled heavenly and I always added them into the mask and sometimes into … [Read more...]

Airelle Skincare-Anti-Oxidant Berrimatrix

Hi Everyone!!  Today I want to share with you the exciting skin care line, Airelle Skin Care.  Airelle Skin Care is fusing the Hollywood need for perfection with medical grade anti aging skin care while doing so with a natural approach.  Yeah, sounds too good to be true, but it's not. If you aren't into the DIY skin care craze and believe that anti aging skin care products should be medically based and left to the professionals, this Airelle Skin Care is for you.  If you are in great need of … [Read more...]

Brew A Pot of Green Tea, Trust Me….

I have this ritual....  Around 2:00 each day, the girls go to their rooms for naps and quiet time.  This is when I either blog or catch up with the dvr.  What I try not to do is eat.  Because this is my down time, I feel like I deserve to eat but let me tell you, I have been known to camp out with a bag of honey mustard pretzels at this time everyday and 5lbs. later wonder what happened!  So, what do I do?  I eat if I really want to, usually portion controlled but I also brew a pot of hot tea.  … [Read more...]

The Benefits of White Tea w/ Neal’s Yard Remedies

A couple of months ago I wrote a post on the London based skin care company, Neal's Yard Remedies.   I became a consultant to the company in order to get quite a few products for an extremely discounted price plus, I wanted to offer a source for you all to buy the products I was going to review since Amazon didn't carry a good selection.  Go HERE for that post. Today I am reviewing a trio of products that I've been using for the last few months.  The products all contain white tea and include … [Read more...]