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Your Halloween Accessory Guide!

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday-should I be admitting that?  Probably not.  Anyway-I've scouted some super cute and fun accessories that are perfect for the season!   Click on the pics below to shop the accessories!!  Enjoy!! Shop the Accessories!       xx, Jenni … [Read more...]

My Top Pics from Forever 21

Ok, Ok....I know most of you prefer my skin care posts, but I seriously love fashion.  I absolutely love putting looks together.   I'm pretty much a stay at home mom.  I work from home and leave the house to go to the gym and to the grocery store.  When things come up like appointments, coffee with friends, and dates with my husband, I freak!  It's easy to get rusty on putting outfits together!  I can't even count how many times I have left the house, arrived at my destination and realized I … [Read more...]