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SPARK NATURALS…..A company I am exicted about!

Spark Naturals Essential Oils

I’ve been an advocate of essential oils for several years now.   I have taken classes with Young Living and done tons of research in order to understand the amazing benefits of essential oils.  I BELIEVE in their healing power.  Oils are mentioned in the bible.  They are an ancient God given remedy for most ailments.  Essential oils are truly nature’s pharmaceuticals!  As I have said, God has BLESSED me with healthy kids, but I have to say, they have never taken antibiotics or gone to the doctor for anything other than a check up.  When they are sick I oil their feet, chest and throat with appropriate oils and fevers and pain are miraculously gone within hours.  I have always used Young Living Essential Oils. I have nothing bad to say about their oils.  They are HIGH quality and I feel 100% comfortable slathering them on my family and even ingesting them.  The problem with Young Living is their high price point and the confusing Multi Level Marketing plan.  To say the least it is complicated and their oils are expensive.

I discovered Spark Naturals through the blog, Camp Wander.  I decided to take her word for it and I ordered my staples.  I was IMPRESSED.  Not only was shipping lightening speed fast, it was also a very low rate.  They are Certified Pure Pharmagrade (CPPG), 100% steam distilled and cold pressed.  They check all the boxes Young Living did except their prices are better and their Affiliate program could not be simpler.
The problem with buying oils at your local health food store is that most of them are not HIGH QUALITY or PURE.  Sometimes an essential oils will be diluted with a carrier oil such as jojoba or grapeseed oil.  This saves a lot of money and gives a company way more product.  Also, many of the huge essential oil companies that everyone has heard of extract the essential oils from plants using HEAT.  Heat kills the potency of an oil.  By using this improper method they save a ton of time and make much more money.  In order for an oil to be as pure and potent as possible you must buy from a company that states that they 100% steam distill their oils.  In the case of citrus oils, these should all be cold pressed.   Region is also a consideration.  Each oil thrives in a particular soil and climate. A company like Spark, knows what region is best for each oil.   All of these factors are so important when you are using oils for therapeutic reasons, especially if you planing to ingest them.  Using oils can be as serious as taking pharmaceutical drugs-quality is KEY.

So, check out Spark Natural’s website and order a few oils.  Use the code JENNIRAINCLOUD and receive 10% off!  I promise you’ll be impressed!

Join the Affiliate Program!

If you are interested in signing up for the affiliate program and using your own code for your family, friends or blog followers to get their 10% off go HERE.

There is a yearly fee of $25 and that is waived if you sale a certain amount of oils. That’s it!  Once you’re approved, you’ll be given a Discount Code (10% off incentive)and, a web-link for your social media.  It’s a great way to encourage essential oils and make some money in the process!

As an affiliate you can sign up new affiliates under you and earn commission off their sales too!  There is no cost to sign up and you don’t have to be a blogger.  You can simply give your friends and family your code or you can spread the word through social media and work it as an at home business.  There is no monthly minimum that you have to buy and no obligation.

It’s so simple-someone buys an oil, uses your code, and you get a commission. Once you sign up, Spark Naturals will then contact you personally to get you started!  You won’t regret it-Spark Naturals is a fair company that cuts through the bull #@&* of multi-level pyramid scheme companies.

Leave me a comment or contact me if you have any questions!!

xx, Jenni


  1. pattikakes says:

    Jenni, I have been floating around the edges of commitment to natural products, but like a lot of people use the excuse of being to busy. You have made it so much easier to move in the direction of healthy products that I can create and use!! Thank you for your work and for sharing!

    • Pattikakes- (love your name!!!) Thank you for your sweet comment! It can be daunting to start switching household and beauty products to chemical free. I’m so glad I can help ease the transition! Thanks!!

  2. Just out of curiosity- what is the commission rate? Thanks for some great posts!

  3. Irene D. says:

    Hi Jenni!
    I have been using Young Living and NAN, and was on the fence about Sparks. Well, you’ve convinced me to give them a try. The 10% was a nice treat! Can’t wait to receive my order.

  4. Hi Jenni,
    What do you think about Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils? They seem to be much more reasonably priced than Spark Naturals so I’m curious:)

    • Roxanne-I think MRH oils are a nice alternative to Spark, but I don’t believe the quality is as high as Spark. MRH does not claim to have “pharmagrade, pure certified grade oils”. I have used them and enjoyed the cost but I don’t feel the results are the same. Thanks!

  5. Hi. I just had a question before purchasing. I currently use YoungLiving oils and I do ingest them. Y.L. has on the label if you are able to ingest the oil. Is Spark Naturals the same? Do you ingest them?

    • Ashley-Yes, I ingest them. Spark is the same pure quality as young living-I don’t think twice about ingesting a number of oils. My girls, who are 3 and 5, do as well. It’s worth the switch! I’m glad I did-Young Living offer wonderful oils but Spark is just so much more convenient with so much faster shipping, great customer service and more affordable oils!

  6. Hi,

    I love your blog!!!!!! I’ve been interested by essential oïl for a few weeks now because many bloggers are praising their ability. But I wasn’t sure which oïl I should use or not. I battle with acne and I have oily skin. Your blog has been a source of information for me, lol! Thank You! SO far, I’m thinking about buying Geranium, Rosehip and maybe Jojoba oïl as well. The thing is, Spark Natural seems like a excellent company to buy essential oïl. However, do you know if they ship outside the US? I live in England, that’s why I’m asking. If they don’t, do you know any good company who ship in England?

    • Hi Sarah! So sorry to just now respond! They do only ship within the US with the exception of Canada. Young Living and Do Terra are amazing brands if you can find them. I have also tried Eden’s Garden and like them. Mountain Rose Herb is great as well but I’m not sure their shipping status. Thanks!!!

  7. I just stumbled across this page and I was wondering what you thought of Native American Nutritionals in comparison to Spark and YL?

  8. I have a question…I was using YL EO’S, and really liked them. However, I did not like the MLM PYRAMID. I didn’t make enough monthly purchases and they took me off their program, and was told I had to make a purchase in order to be able to log back into my account. Is Spark a MLM Company? And are you obligated to make monthly purchases? Is there a sign up fee?

    • Hi Tabatha! Ugh-I know exactly what you mean with YL. They have wonderful oils but that MLM crap just doesn’t work for me. Spark has equally great oils and has a much simpler way of doing things. There is a fee to sign up-it’s $25 a year. There are no obligations to anything beyond that once you join. You will get a coupon code of your choice, like TABATHA–you give that code to anyone who is interested in buying oils. When they enter your coupon code at checkout on Spark’s site, you get a 10% commission. It’s really simple. You can use your own code too! If you don’t want to become an affiliate then you just use my code at checkout and that’s it. Because Spark has a website, you don’t have to go through someone who is an affiliate-you just order straight from their site and enter a coupon code to get the 10% off. I hope this makes sense. I have another blog post that is more recent about this HERE. I suggest Spark 100%. I signed up with YL and had to spend $50 a month-Even for me who does this for a living, that got to be way too much on some months-I didn’t always need that many oils! Hope this helps!

  9. Hi! I’ve been using SN oils and notice their oils come out pretty quickly. Why is that? Is there a way I can slow it down?

  10. How is it that Sparks has Roman Chamomile available but other companies like YL & DT have been out for a year?
    How does Sparks compare to DoTerra?

    • Rachel-I have no idea! I have never used doTerra but from what I’ve researched, Spark is the same quality as doTerra and YL. I have used them for several years now and have never looked back!

      • Aislin Hall says:

        I was wondering this same exact thing! I want roman chamomile so I’m pleased but am also wondering how SN has it and not doTERRA. (Which I currently use) I love that I could do the ootm club and get Frank for $25 though! That’s amazing!

        • Aislin-I have put an email into Spark to see what they say. Stay tuned!

        • I talked to Spark and they said High quality RC is impossible to get-They bought a large amount quite a while ago and are now down to only 5ml bottle for sale! He did not know when this would change but to answer your question-anyone selling RC right now is not selling quality. Hopefully there will be a change in crops soon!

    • Rachel-I just talked to Spark Naturals and they said that no one selling quality RC should have any right now. It’s impossible to get. They have 1 more 5 ml bottle for sale because they bought a large amount a while back knowing that it would be difficult to get. Hopefully soon something will change and it will be available again!

  11. Just a short curious question….. Are Spark oils organic?

    • Alma-Essential oils aren’t typically known to be called “organic” but they are from pesticide free farms and are a pure as you can get. So yes, I would call them organic but they won’t have that label. Young Living and DoTerra do not have that label either.

  12. Hi I would like information about selling, please where I live all we have is another company rep or Walmart

    • Hi Dana! What would you like to know? Spark Naturals does all their business online so you wouldn’t have product in your home. You’d just be giving people your special coupon code and earning a commission on everyone who uses it.

  13. Racheal says:


    Just checking in to see if you are still using Spark Naturals and what are your top 3 favorite oils?


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