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Speaking of murals…..

I'd die for this room!!  Scandinavian modern at it's best! … [Read more...]

El Gato Gomez…

I've discovered this amazing artist, El Gato Gomez.  She's very retro.  Her vibe is so authentic.  There are tons of paintings to explore. I can't wait to start collecting her prints!  Here is a quote from her: “There are some space pieces, cats, architectural, tiki, abstract, and pin-up girls in the mix. I have a broad range of interests when it comes to my subject matter, but they are all inspired by iconic mid century themes and imagery. I have always been attracted to the art and … [Read more...]

My daughter’s room….

I wanted this room to be really cozy.  I love murals, especially nature ones.  I've never regretted doing this mural, not once.  In fact, if my husband would let me I think I could do one in every room!  My girls are 2 and 5.  They love sharing a room, we have another room but since I'm an only child I really encouraged them to be together.  My mother made the quilt on Sofie's bed!  I absolutely love the colors!  I painted the smiley face for Heidi before she was born-I think it fits her … [Read more...]

My Twilight….

Ok, so when my first daughter, Sofie, was born I was not prepared for how long nursing took!  I gave in and decided to read the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Myers.  I loved them.  Then, the first movie came out and I couldn't believe how beautiful the Pacific Northwest really is.  (I know it's filmed in Canada, but regardless, it left an impression).  We even took a trip to Forks and Seattle hoping to move there!  I used to live in England so I'm no stranger to beautiful scenery.  … [Read more...]

Discover Jenn Ski….

I mentioned in my previous post that I imitate Jenn Ski's art.  I thought I should post more about her.  I discovered her years ago on flickr and have been inspired by her work and her home ever since. Along with prints she has a line of fabric.  I don't know much about her personally but I've included some pics and a link to her website!  Enjoy!! and her etsy shop Jenn Ski Prints For Sale: Turn on your JavaScript to view … [Read more...]

My Living Room….

I LOVE to decorate!  And I LOVE IKEA!  One rule I have is to buy neutral furniture and decorate with art and textiles.  Except for the teal blue womb chair, I couldn't resist.  I like change in my home so I often switch things up from room to room!  I paint all my art-I imitate art that inspires me, so, let me give credit to Jonathan Adler and Jenn Ski.  I've copied a lot of their art! Shop this Room! My sofa is from IKEA-Karlstad in Isunda Gray.  The chair and pillows are vintage … [Read more...]