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DIY Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm!

Today it's cloudy..... It hasn't been cloudy in over a month, much less rained.  It's mid September and we are still in the 90's, so anything that resembles the coziness of fall inspires me!  I decided to experiment with lip balms today!  I ventured outside my usual essential oil route and "infused" my oils instead!  This turned out to be really simple using tea bags!  I used grapeseed oil as my base because it is odorless.  I found my Pumpkin Spice tea at target. Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm 1/4 cup … [Read more...]

DIY Toothpaste!

  I ran out of my Tom's toothpaste today and it's always a pain to find it in fluoride free so I checked around some favorite blogs and luckily I had all the ingredients to make my own!  I really liked Wellness Mama's basic recipe so I followed it for the most part. I must say though, you have to get over needing your toothpaste to taste good.  Switching from Colgate to Tom's was an adjustment, but I could never go back to Colgate now.  This homemade toothpaste is also an adjustment mainly due … [Read more...]

Overnight Melaleuca Zit Zapper Salve!

I hope everyone loves salves as much as I do!  I feel like I live in an apothecary!  It's so fun!  So in honor of my hormonal break out on my face, I thought it would be smart to make a salve for blemished skin.  Being a facialist, I have given and taken my fair share of "acne treatments".  Usually this simply means burning your skin off with a chemical.  While exfoliation is wonderful for your skin, making your skin smooth and encouraging cell renewal, it can also be harsh for acne sufferers.  … [Read more...]

Organic DIY foaming hand soap

Ok, so if you're nervous about making your own skin care or cleaning products then this is the place to start.  This could not be easier! It takes not even 5 minutes!   It's actually my dad's favorite product of all that I've made so I don't know whether to be concerned or just take the compliment!  The hardest part about this recipe is finding a foaming container! So, before we get started I should talk a bit about why you should make your own hand soap.  As usual, here is another product … [Read more...]

Eating Raw the easy way!

I have a friend who told me something that sticks in my mind all the time.  She started eating raw and she says the brain fog cleared.  She couldn't say enough about how much better she felt.  Raw eating is hard.  I aim to eat as much raw as possible but I don't always succeed.  Two things I make that I eat almost daily are guacamole and salsa.  I have these 2 dips almost everyday for lunch and then follow it up with a green smoothie.  Plus, the health benefits of the good fats of an avocado and … [Read more...]

Spark Comparisons to DoTerra and Young Living……..

Thanks so much to Tonya Hamilton from the blog Created To Fly for this very helpful chart!  You can find Spark Naturals amazing oils HERE!  And be sure to use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD for 10% off your purchase!   … [Read more...]