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Organic DIY foaming hand soap

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Ok, so if you’re nervous about making your own skin care or cleaning products then this is the place to start.  This could not be easier! It takes not even 5 minutes!   It’s actually my dad’s favorite product of all that I’ve made so I don’t know whether to be concerned or just take the compliment!  The hardest part about this recipe is finding a foaming container!

So, before we get started I should talk a bit about why you should make your own hand soap.  As usual, here is another product that is not good for you.  Antibacterial soap is full of chemicals.  Namely, triclosan.  Triclosan’s list of side effects are a mile long.  Several that stand out are that it is a hormone disruptor and causes damage to liver function. It is linked to allergies, eczema and asthama.  Studies have shown that antibacterial hand soaps are ineffective to viruses like the flu and colds.  Also, it’s been proven that antibacterial hand soaps leave behind strong bacterias such as MRSA.  There is also a theory that we are setting ourselves up for a Mega Virus that is evolving and becoming immune to antibacterial hand soap.   So, I say, ditch the chemicals and make your own!

DIY Foaming Hand Wash

Foaming Hand Wash

1/3 cup Castile Soap (find it HERE)

2/3 cup of water

1 tsp. Olive Oil (this helps keep your pump from sticking!)

20 drops of Essential Oils (Find them HERE)

Mix ingredients in foaming soap bottle (find them HERE) and shake.

That’s it!!  It’s simple.

I love to add Bergamot and Lemon to my Foaming Hand Wash.  Bergamot is the smell of Earl Grey Tea.  Lemon compliments the smell so well.  You could also just get Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap in any smell you like and leave out the Essential oils!  I just bought the Almond scented Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and it’s awesome!  Get Creative!  So simple and chemical free!!!

xx, Jenni

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DIY Foaming Hand Soap


  1. This is great. I make a foaming one with just water and Dr Bronner’s. Love the idea of adding olive oil.

  2. The oil is mainly to keep the pump working smoothly but I would think if you shake before use it will moisturize your hands a bit! I used Dr. Bronner’s Almond Castile soap and didn’t add essential oils this time. It turned out to have the perfect amount of smell! Thanks for visiting Lea!

  3. Could this work with coconut oil? I may have some EVOO somewhere -_-

  4. Just found you yesterday. Love everything I am seeing! How long will this foaming soap keep? Would it need a preservative for long term keeping?

    • Arlene-I’m not too sure how long it will keep-I’ve used mine for 3 mos. at a time with no signs of it going bad. That being said, water is always a great place for bacteria to form. The essential oils added can help keep the bacteria at bay though. I personally hate using preservatives but one would for sure keep your soap fresh for long periods of time. This is just so easy to make, if I were you, I would make a new batch each time you go through a 4-6 ounce pumper.

  5. I love your site. I’m really in to making natural products whenever I can but I am new to it and not all that familiar with some of the ingredients. I just made one of your body soaps and it turned out quite liquidy. I put in 1/4 tsp quar gum as the recipe called for. I prefer a thicker liquid soap. How much quar gum can I add? The recipe has almost 5 cups of liquid in it. Thank you.

  6. What’s the cute little sprig in your bottle?


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