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ETSY Newbies!

etsy newbies

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!  I thought I’d drop in because I just recently added a few products to my Etsy shop! For those of you unfamiliar with my handmade skin care, you might be wondering why I think I’m qualified to have a skin care line?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

My philosophy on skin health, and what I’ve based this blog on, is that skin care should be simple.  In fact, I think it should be mostly edible.  I don’t have to be a chemist to concoct a product that your skin is going to respond to.  I certainly don’t believe in products with a mile long list of ingredients, half of which I can’t pronounce.  My skin care is pure and simple.  In fact, all my recipes are on this blog so if you’d rather make it for yourself, you absolutely can!  My skin care line is totally transparent.  It is made by me in very small batches so your skin is getting the freshest, most rejuvenating products available.  As I like to say, my skin care is “organically and happily made”!

First off, I’ve added a travel size kit that contains a 2 ounce oil cleanser, 1 ounce toner, 1/2 ounce facial oil and a 5ml. eye stick.  Each of these products are 1/2 sizes of the originals.  It’s perfect for traveling but also perfect for those of you not quite sure if my products are the right fit for you.  This kit covers all your skin needs.

facial oils

The next product is new but not really new.  The Firming Facial Oil with Rosehip and Geranium was formerly called the Firming Facial Serum.  It got a new bottle and label and instead of calling it a “serum”, I’m calling it what it is-it’s a facial oil meant to be your one and only moisturizer.  It contains meadowfoam seed oil-a light, fast absorbing oil, great for fighting the signs of aging as well as rejuvenating tired, dull skin.  Rosehip seed oil is one of the top oils for restoring the skin’s youthful glow.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radicals as well as tightens the skin.  A blend of geranium, lavender and cypress essential oils help to tighten and even skin tone.  I personally love this oil.  It smells amazing and is light and feels so good to my skin.  My skin appears so much healthier after using this oil after just a couple of applications!

The next product is a coQ10 Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil.  This oil contains the most effective ingredients I know of for aging and dry skin.  This oil is literally a “super food” for your skin.  It contains coQ10 to encourage collagen production (just to name 1 thing it does) as well as sea buckthorn oil which has 191 nutrients like a heaping amount of Vitamin C!  I’ve also added rosehip seed oil to the mix for it’s evening and smoothing capabilities and sweet almond oil for it’s incredible ability to replenish skin’s moisture content.  With a blend of lavender, patchouli, frankincense and geranium your skin will be firmer and more radiant then ever!  I just recently have switched to this oil for my skin and love how my skin soaks it right up.  My skin looks firmer and well-nourished.  I’m even applying it to my chest and neck for added food for my skin!

>>Facial oils very economical because you are using only 4-6 drops at a time.  It takes so little to fully treat your skin.  If you use too much, you’ll be oily and your skin will not soak it in.<<

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xx, Jenni

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  1. Just wanted to say to anyone considering purchasing these products, Jenni is awesome. The eye wrinkle stick is amazing. I have tried many of Jenni’s DIY’s and they are awesome, including the firming facial serum. Going forward, I plan to buy more of them from her Etsy shop just to save time and shopping around for different products.

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