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DIY Under Eye Circle Eraser

DIY dark under eye circle eraser

As promised, I’m back after my post on dark under eye circles, to deliver you a DIY recipe that should diminish this issue greatly.  As I mentioned in my previous post, under eye circles are not one of my issues so this recipe is based on extensive research.  I will tell you that this “eraser” is easy to make and I am using it on broken capillaries, as is my mother.  Just to recap-Dark circles under the eye can be an indication of a deeper issue.  They can indicate that there is a liver issue or vitamin deficiency (B-12, D, E, K) or they can simply be from lack of sleep, allergies or thinning skin due to age.  Let’s dive into some solutions, shall we?!

First off I need to tell you about arnica oil.  Arnica Oil is often the main ingredient in joint cream for bruising, inflammation and pain.  Why does arnica oil work well for dark circles?  Arnica oil stimulates the flow of white blood cells, which process congested blood (darkness/bruising) to help disperse trapped fluid.  Pure arnica oil is hard to find.  I found many oils but they were a diluted version so I ended up with the essential oil.   

Next, I discovered that often under eye circles were due to a deficiency in vitamin K (broken capillaries and varicose veins as well).  Since the last post I started taking THIS vitamin K supplement, but I also bought THIS oil.  It can be ingested or used topically.  I have noticed that my capillaries seem to be fading!

I’ve also added lavender essential oil because lavender oil is the first oil you should ever grab when you know a bruise is coming on. Even though dark circles aren’t actually “bruises” from a trauma-they are still the same concept.  What you are seeing is blood under the skin.   Lavender oil can diminish the appearance of bruises immensely so it’s certainly the best essential oil choice for this DIY!

Vitamin E is another good addition because dark circles can also be caused by a Vitamin E deficiency!  Vitamin E is also helpful to restore elasticity in the skin.

DIY under eye circle Serum

Under Eye Eraser

1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil (find it HERE)

10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)

10 Drops Arnica Essential Oil (find it HERE)

Top Off with Vitamin K Oil (find it HERE)

I used a 1/2 ounce dropper bottle (find it HERE) but below you can see the proportions in case you want to use a roll-on bottle or larger bottle.

DIY dar under eye circle eraserI suggest using this treatment morning and night.  I will only take 2-3 drops dabbed right where the discoloration is.  You can also use this serum on your broken capillaries.  Vitamin K has been proven to fade and heal those.

Unfortunately the product list is all over the place.  I have not found a good source for non-GMO PURE Vitamin E except Mountain Rose Herb-Please comment below if you’ve found one!  The lavender of course comes from Spark Naturals (the best smelling lavender EVER!) and the Vitamin K and Arnica Oil are Amazon.  I personally have tried both of these products and like them but I’m still not too sure about Arnica Oil-I’m sure there is a PURE form of the oil that is not the essential oil but I was unable to find it.  If you have another source for these 2 oils, feel free to try them.  I do like the Vitamin K oil though.  It soaks in quickly.  I do believe the Vitamin K and the lavender are the most important ingredients in this recipe.

As usual-I would LOVE comments below if you are wanting to make this, have made it or just want to talk about under eye circles!!

xx, Jenni

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DIY Dark Under Eye Circle Eraser



  1. Hi Jenni,
    Tyn here. Remember me? The one who requested for a very tall order of daycream?
    It’s been a month++ now and I’m still using the cream that u recommended (cypress).
    OMG !! I love it !!
    My skin is brighter, the scars are fading, less acne and smoother. I can’t help myself from touching my face 😍
    Tqsm Jenni !! Love u ❤️❤️

  2. I’ll definitely have to put this recipe on my growing to do list! I have both dark under eye circles, especially during allergy season, and some broken capillaries on one of my cheeks! Do you find this serum moisturizing enough to use as your sole under-eye treatment Jenni?

  3. Mel Doogan says:

    Thanks Jenni! I have been wanting an essential oil treatment for my broken capillaries. I have very fair/ transparent skin so will definitely try this. (Once I have all the ingredients!)

  4. Hello Jenni
    How many drops of vitamin K when u mentioned top off with vitamin K. . .. Please advise. Thank you. I would to use ur recipe to try on my eye.


    • Hi! I don’t know exactly how many drops-I just added the Vitamin K last and finished filling up the bottle. In one of my pics you can see the proportions or each ingredient so you can use any size dropper bottle. Hope that helps!

  5. You can infuse the Arnica oil yourself; it is usually done in Olive oil for medicinal purposes, but for face use I would try grapeseed or apricot kernel oil. I’ve only used it for pain and bruises, but I will give it a try for my eyes.
    PS – that much essential oils near the eyes isn’t a good idea; 3-4 drops at most if any. HTH

  6. Missy McManus says:

    Hi Jenni,

    Can I use Helichrysum essential oil instead ofArnica?

    • Missy-I think so. I chose arnica because of it’s ability to help with dark circles-but helichrysum is so amazing that I think it would do just as well if not better.

  7. Rochelle Chavier says:

    I have allergies and lavender bothers me , is the a replacement that will work as good as lavender ? Thank you

  8. Which would you try first? This Under the Eye Circle Eraser or the Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick? I just started using your Anti Aging Facial Serum. I have the dark eye circles and crepey skin/wrinkles around the eyes. I’m new to essential oils. I saw the pin on Pinterest for your serum and that drew me in. Thanks!

    • Paula-I love the Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick way more then the Eraser. I think it’s much more effective especially with wrinkles and crepey skin.

  9. Do you make and sell the eraser?

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