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DIY Beard Serum

DIY Beard Serum

This DIY is for the men today-or the ladies that want to clean up their man’s products! ;)!  You’re probably wondering why do a DIY for a small percentage of men but seriously-so many men are sporting beards lately.  They’re everywhere!  This DIY is definitely multi-purposed though.  This might be one of those Swiss Army Knife products!

What’s the purpose of a beard serum, you might ask?  A beard serum’s purpose is to condition the course hair of a beard.  It’s also good for nourishing the skin underneath, preventing beard dandruff.  Often the skin under a beard is totally neglected but it needs to be cared for-if there comes a day when the beard goes, it would be sad to reveal forgotten, ugly skin underneath!

You all are probably well versed on harmful chemicals and fillers in women’s beauty products, but we can’t overlook the bad ingredients men are using as well!  This DIY is so simple yet so effective.  Don’t go to a store and buy a men’s skin/beard serum that is pricey and very likely full of fillers like water and unnatural oils that do nothing for the skin.  This DIY is a pure, potent concoction meant to deliver goodness for the hair and skin.

One thing I kept in mind while coming up with this recipe is that men probably aren’t going to fool with something that is too oily and won’t absorb quickly so I chose dry oils that absorb quickly and will still nourish hair and skin.  I also chose essential oils that have a darker, woodsier aroma that won’t detour a man.  I’m not sure I’ve ever met a man that wants to smell like geranium, but you never know….

Beard Serum DIY

DIY Beard Serum

2 TBSP. Jojoba Oil (find it HERE)

2 TBSP. Apricot Kernel Oil (find it HERE)

1/2 tsp. non GMO Vitamin E Oil (find it HERE)

10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops White Fir Essential Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops Bergamot Essential Oil (find it HERE)

Because we’re using all oils, we don’t need to worry about this serum going bad.  So, if you wanted to make a larger batch, you totally can.  I used THESE 2 ounce dropper bottles if you like the white caps but THESE are prime on Amazon.

To Use:

Massage 2-4 drops into beard and/or mustache.  Easy.

This serum has a woodsy smell with a herbal and citrus hint.  It is also cooling on the skin.  I added Rosemary because it’s such an organic herbal smell plus, it is a great oil to rev up blood flow which in turn will help beards grow !  Also, White Fir Essential Oil is a potent anti aging antioxidant.  Bergamot is added because I love it-and it’s the smell of Earl Grey Tea!  Use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD for 10% off at Spark Naturals, my essential oil company of choice.

As I stated, this is a multi-purpose serum for those of us who don’t have any beards in our lives!  It’s great for a scalp treatment.  Again, it encourages hair growth and nourishes the scalp to help remedy dandruff.  Plus, it just feels tingly and energizing on the scalp!  You could also use this all over the face.  It is the perfect skin serum for skin that is dehydrated and rough.  You could also use this as a hair and skin conditioning treatment by massaging 5-8 drops into facial hair and letting sit for 10-20 minutes.  Remove with a warm cloth.

You know, since I’ve re-entered into the world of being single-I’m actually pretty uninterested in “real-life” men.  I think I’ll just stick with my BF Noah from the Notebook.  I’m sure he would appreciate my beard serum.  I’m totally kidding, kind of.


P.S. Don’t forget a label!  Save the below image to your computer then upload it to Avery.  I used THESE labels.

Beard Serum DIY Label

xx, Jenni

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DIY Beard Serum



  1. I love this recipe, just a question – to use in hair to remedy dandruff, does it stay in hair or need to be rinsed out?

  2. Do you have varying scents like sandlewood. How does it apply application ?


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