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DIY Baby Oil

DIY Baby Oil

I have had a few requests for an alternative for baby oil.  I’ve never partaken in the baby oil after a shower trend, but a lot of you swear by it.   Relief from dry scaly skin is a priority these days.  Using a body oil rather than a lotion cuts out the middle men-water & emulsifying wax.  These guys make a lovely cream which penetrates the skin more quickly, but using an oil after a shower truly locks in moisture in a super beneficial and pure way.   So, my skin is still reeling from this long, cold winter.  I think it’s time to get on the “baby oil” train-but of course we’re going to DIY it because a mineral oil filled product isn’t going to happen!

While researching different carrier oils, I ran into the info. that Almond oil is the closest to a baby’s natural oil.  Wow, can I drink it?  No really, can I, by the gallon?   It dawned on me that the whole point of “baby oil” was to help adults mimic the soft smooth skin of a baby by locking in moisture.   Johnson & Johnson, as usual, got it all wrong though.  Mineral Oil is the number one ingredient, the number 2 ingredient is fragrance.  Mineral oil is a super cheap oil that coats and clogs the pores.  It offers no moisture.  While it does lock in your own moisture, it also keeps your pores from breathing.  Oh and if you have any dirt in your pores-it’s trapped.   Yuck, really?

Baby oil is also an excellent massage oil.  Massage is a great tool for calming babies and helps parent and baby bond.  The power of touch is truly amazing.  Almond oil has a nice slip to it which helps with application and massage.

I prefer Mountain Rose Herb’s Almond Oil (find it HERE).  Almond Oil alone can be used right after a shower for lots of skin softening benefits.  Of course, being the essential oil junkie that I am, I add oils to my almond oil for added health and skin benefits.

Optional Additives

Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE) I always add Lavender to everything because I love the smell.  Lavender nourishes, calms and cleanses.  It’s always a good idea.

Myrrh Essential Oil (find it HERE) I have had great results with relieving and replenishing severely dry skin with myrrh essential oil.  I use it in my dry skin stick for my face and love it in a body oil.

Grapefruit Essential Oil (find it HERE) Grapefruit is beneficial for reducing cellulite, increasing metabolism and helping with circulation.

Rosemary Essential Oil (find it HERE) Rosemary is one of the most effective oils in aiding circulation.  It also helps with reducing the appearance of veins and relieves muscle pain.

Based on an 8 ounce bottle-I would add 30 drops of essential oils all together.  You can’t go wrong with how you choose to add your oils.  Add one or mix several-there are no rules!

There you have it, a healthy alternative to baby oil that could not be more simple to recreate!

xx, Jenni

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  1. Dear Jennie,

    I think that for babies and toddlers the best to use is Lavender essential oil with Almond Oil? This recipe is good for new borns right?
    Thanks for your recipes.

  2. is sweet almond oil ok?

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