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My New & Improved DIY Skin Care Recipe Directory!

I'm just popping in to let you know I have re-organized my Skin Care tab (under Beauty Recipes) in my navigation bar above!!  Now you can pick and choose from DIY recipes by category!!  Enjoy!! xx, Jenni P.S. This suggestion came from you guys!!  Leave me a comment below if you have any other suggestions on organizing my blog!  I'd love to hear!! Cleansers DIY Organic Cleanser Recipe Homemade Olive Oil Cleanser and Face Cream DIY Lavender Silky Body Wash The Oil Cleansing … [Read more...]

New Products Now Available on Etsy!

I've been working like crazy to give my Etsy shop a face lift, add new products and better formulate old favorites! I'm so happy to say that I finally finished and am so excited to reveal my new look and new products to you today! I chose a few new products based on popular DIY posts and requests so I hope you'll try them out! New Products: Rose Hydrating Spritzer-This toner is based off THIS post. I use this several times a day-I'm addicted! It smells amazing and I believe a toner is so … [Read more...]

DIY Firming Eye Serum with Rose & Kokum Butter

I'm happy to say, I've got my cream makin' mojo back and have created another eye serum.  This one is in a light cream form and instead of adding plain distilled water, I decided to kick it up a notch and add rose water.  Let me tell you, this is the best smelling product ever!  I've made several batches in my experimenting and have been slathering it all over me every night!  My skin has never been so soft!  I kept with my favorites, rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lavender and … [Read more...]

Ask the Aesthetician…

Hi everyone!  In the last installment of Ask the Aesthetician, we discussed where to get started with with natural skin care.  This week I want to talk BLACKHEADS!  Yuck, right?!  Well, I am highly blackhead prone and I have learned some very valuable tools along my own personal skin care journey to keep these pesky blemishes at bay. First off, what is a blackhead?  Very simply, blackheads are dirt and sebum that get trapped in your pores. Blackheads don't just plague oily skin types.  They … [Read more...]

Germ Fighting 101-School is in Session!

My daughter just went back to school and I'm reminded how germy little kids can be!  I mean, I know how forgetful my kid is in the bathroom-I can't imagine 20 plus using the same bathroom-EWWWWW!   Our immune systems have never been so taxed as they were last year when she started pre-K.  We were constantly fighting illness.  If it weren't for essential oils, we would have been sick constantly.   So what is a mother to do? I have a few suggestions for fighting bugs.  First, I want to … [Read more...]