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My Journey Back To Fashion

As you can see, my blog covers a lot of different subjects.  I must say, while skin care has always been my profession, fashion is what I have the most fun with. Just a little background on my fashion journey-I have always felt that fashion should represent who you are.  In junior high and high school I wore whatever felt right.  I really enjoyed keeping up with current trends and loved shopping.   I had no issue wearing something unique and different-I guess you could say I wasn't too … [Read more...]

My Latest Obsessions…..March Edition

I'm starting a new bi-monthly series here @ Jenni Raincloud!  I like to shop.  A lot.  I thought I would share with you my current must haves!  These are products I own or am planning to purchase that excite and inspire me!  Some of you know I love much more than just skin care-I'm nuts over interior design, jewelery and fashion!  The first thing I would like to share has been a total game changer-Thanks to Rebecca @ Camp Wander, I purchased 3 glass Voss waters.  These help me to DRINK MORE … [Read more...]

Happy 2014-Top 10 posts of 2013!

Jenni Raincloud was born this year.  What a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL endeavor it has been.   I have found a way to do something I'm passionate about.  What started as just a means to supplement our income has become something that will not only allow me to contribute to my family but also has filled my cup.  I am so honored I get to be apart of a community of women (and a couple of men!) that have restored my belief in people.  Thanks to Facebook and your lovely comments below my posts I get to not … [Read more...]