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This Year’s Resolutions…

I love making New Year's resolutions.  I believe that when you clearly map out your intentions and goals, it is so much more likely you will achieve them.  Plus, there's something to be said about the accountability factor! 2014 was a great year for me.  I would say, it was a year of progress.  My blog took some different twists and turns that I couldn't be happier with.  My hubs and I have been in counseling for most of 2014 and have made huge strides to the marriage we want and the family … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays and Other Ramblings…

With Christmas in the rear view, I'm feeling very thoughtful.  My Christmas was hit and miss to be quite honest.  I have enjoyed the season this year but the actual day kind of flopped.  Marriage is hard sometimes, life gets overwhelming and kiddos really don't react well to getting present upon present showered upon them in a span of 2 days!  The true meaning of Christmas got lost and gluttony was in excess.  So in all my Christmas hangover glory, I'm a bit blue. You might be wondering why … [Read more...]

My Journey Back To Fashion

As you can see, my blog covers a lot of different subjects.  I must say, while skin care has always been my profession, fashion is what I have the most fun with. Just a little background on my fashion journey-I have always felt that fashion should represent who you are.  In junior high and high school I wore whatever felt right.  I really enjoyed keeping up with current trends and loved shopping.   I had no issue wearing something unique and different-I guess you could say I wasn't too … [Read more...]

These 5 Things…

Most amazing friendship bracelet ever!  I found it HERE on Etsy.  I think I might have already mentioned how much I LOVE friendship bracelets...! Wow, this week flew by!  This series of posts is really helping me be present in each moment!  Thank you all for being so encouraging about this series-I hope it's inspiring you to live in the moment too! Monday night I made yummy chicken tacos with black beans, guacamole, cheddar cheese and lime chicken!  So tasty!  It's a hit for the whole … [Read more...]

These 5 Things….

Tuesday night was the summer premier of Pretty Little Liars-One of my guilty pleasures!  Wine, a manicure and PLL=PERFECT! This week was a busy one!  Did you catch my post on why you should always bring Lavender on your vacays!  Vacations are rough for me.  I am such a homebody and with 2 little kids, it almost feels like it's too much work, too little pay off to get out of town.  So, These 5 Things helped me keep my mind on the positive moments on our trip rather then getting tripped up in the … [Read more...]

These 5 Things….

I usually don't order clothes online but I couldn't resist a couple of mexican embroidered dresses from Forever 21~This cute number is perfect for summer-so cool and comfortable!  Throw on heals and jewelery for a night look too! This week several things stood out as special to me.  As I stated last week-these little things I share are little.  That's the point.  I want to get into the habit of focusing on the positive and living in the moment.  I want to squeeze as much joy from the simple … [Read more...]