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Essential Oils

I love essential oils.  Can I get that T-shirt?  I discovered them about 3 years ago after a friend introduced me to the essential oil company, Young Living and urged me to attend a class with her.  I happily went, not really knowing what I was in for.   I sat amazed as the benefits and properties of essential oils unfolded.  I had worked with many skin care lines before that had essential oils in them but they were never in the "spot light".  It was always some anti aging chemical that was the … [Read more...]

Spark Comparisons to DoTerra and Young Living……..

Thanks so much to Tonya Hamilton from the blog Created To Fly for this very helpful chart!  You can find Spark Naturals amazing oils HERE!  And be sure to use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD for 10% off your purchase!   … [Read more...]

SPARK NATURALS…..A company I am exicted about!

I've been an advocate of essential oils for several years now.   I have taken classes with Young Living and done tons of research in order to understand the amazing benefits of essential oils.  I BELIEVE in their healing power.  Oils are mentioned in the bible.  They are an ancient God given remedy for most ailments.  Essential oils are truly nature's pharmaceuticals!  As I have said, God has BLESSED me with healthy kids, but I have to say, they have never taken antibiotics or gone to the doctor … [Read more...]