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My Natural Lifestyle Guide…

Below are my favorite products that are clean, safe and natural!  Making these simple changes can make a HUGE difference in the toxic chemical intake you and your family are exposed to.  These products are tried and true and affordable.  If the item is colored pink, press on the link to go directly to the product! Favorite Skin Care: J. Raincloud Organics (dry/aging skin types) Eminence Organic Skin Care (all skin types) Mychelle Dermaceuticals (best hyaluronic acid serum and … [Read more...]

EASY DIY Flower Petal Goat’s Milk Bar Soap

With Mother's Day right around the corner I thought this DIY would be the perfect gift to make for moms!  This is such a quick and easy DIY and a perfect project to get kids involved in!  It's as simple as melting the soap base and pouring in a mold!  Add essential oils and flowers, petals and herbs to create a personal, beautiful bar of soap!  I found wild flowers in the yard, rosemary from the grocery store and dried lavender from HERE. I have attempted to make soap from scratch in the … [Read more...]

ORANGE TKO-Clean it All with 1 Bottle.

I've been using 1 cleaner for many, many years now.  I started using it even before kids-My mom got me a bottle, urging me to rid out my chemical filled cleaners probably a decade ago!  Yes, my mother is to thank for starting me on this non-toxic journey.  She was way ahead of her time back then!  Because I'm such a penny pincher (except when it comes to handbags :/) TKO Orange really appealed to me because one bottle will lasts 6 mos.-1 year! It's super concentrated so unless you need it to … [Read more...]

Citronella Beeswax Candles

Bug season is officially upon us and it's time to open up the arsenal.   I live in Oklahoma and my usually painfully dry state is now swamplands.  I have standing water in my backyard!  It's crazy!  More rain is on the radar and the fleas, mosquito and ticks are laughing their fat little asses off at the girls and I scrambling around like lunatics trying to shield ourselves from all the winged creatures feasting on our blood!   I'm not even going to mention our poor dog and cats! Last year … [Read more...]

DIY Lavender & Pine Linen Spray

Linen Sprays/Room Sprays can be so expensive and filled with toxic fragrances.  It's something you should always DIY, in my opinion!  It's just too easy and using essential oils not only freshen a room, closet or linens, they also have therapeutic benefits for your health as well!   Plus, this would be the perfect gift for a loved one!   I mean, who couldn't use a linen spray?  I know I could, I mean there's a lot of this going on..... Anyway, this DIY is simply a matter of mixing water, … [Read more...]

DIY Soy Candles

I love candles. There is something very therapeutic about burning them. Of course candlelight is THE most flattering lighting a girl can possibly find! I literally can spend a fortune on candles. So, you probably see this coming.... most candles are toxic. Like some are as toxic as 2nd hand cigarette smoke. UGH. There's lots of info. about how toxic candles can be, mainly paraffin candles. I really don't feel like regurgitating that info. cause it's a snore and it's no fun! If you'd like to … [Read more...]