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Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday J. Raincloud Organics

I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!  I did!  It rained all day, super cozy and I actually baked my first pie!  It was a success!  We ended the night watching the Hallmark movie, Northpole.  So, I thought I would share a few amazing deals going on right now, including 20% off everything in my Etsy shop, including the items I’m discontinuing and are already marked down!  Go HERE for my Etsy sale.  Use code BLACKFRIDAY.  Sale ends tonight at midnight!!  Hurry because I’m selling out!

  • NORDSTROM– Tons of GOOD mark-downs plus an extra 25% off sale items through Monday!
  • KATE SPADE– 75% off tons of bags, jewelry and clothes!
  • TORY BURCH– Spend $250 get 30% off with code THANKS
  • LOFT– 40% off EVERYTHING!
  • OLD NAVY-Literally everything is on sale!
  • GAP– Everything is 50% off, use code BLKFRIDAY
  • Anthropologie– TODAY 25% off EVERYTHING with code SHOPTOIT
  • FOREVER 21– Up to 70% off
  • AMAZON– BIG DEALS, including $10 credit when you buy  $50 gift card!
  • TARGET– Spend $75 today and receive a 20% off coupon for an entire order!
  • WEST ELM-40% off pillows today, plus BUY more SAVE more- up to 25% off!

Ok, Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!!  Enjoy your day!

xx, Jenni


  1. Jenni, thanks for all the great info! I have gotten some great deals from Kate Spade over the past year thanks to you! I just ordered your solid eye stick…can’t wait to try it! I plan to review it on my blog. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday season…lots of fun things to do when your kids are young!

  2. Thank you Jenni for the info where sales are forth with. I’m happy to hear your Thanksgiving (2015) was a success & kudos on your 1st pie! I happen to read on to a suggested post from 2014 Christmas you wrote. Your sensitivity & humility moved me. I now see things as life going by for us all. But basically, I feel ya!
    I was lucky for about 6 years after my divorce, with whom I had my children. Instead of 2 Christmas’s we only had one. All the gifts were either from
    Santa or both mom & dad depending on ages. He came to the house about 7am (until about 10). The kids knew they had to wait until there dad arrived. I tried very hard despite our “not meant for each other in marriage”, I wanted to keep the friendship especially for my children. Luckily so did he (after a cooling off time). Also, I loved his family as much as he loved mine. We all kept in contact & to this day we still do. I felt it did so much for my children & our families. I wish more parents could some how no matter what’s been said or done, to keep some communication open. I believe this will be your 1st Christmas without your husband. As you wrote last year about the true meaning of Christmas getting lost, keep that loving peace that Christmas allows us for that one day. Always wished that all people could behave as if it were Christmas every day. Just a suggestion for you to ponder. It did enventually end due to his 2nd wife. She did not understand “the friendship”. By then my kids were old enough that having 2 Christmas’s didn’t mean that much. Something they just had to do. I wish you much love all around you & the peacefulness Christmastime brings. It’s all going to be just fine!!

    • Laura-Thank you for sharing! This is our first Christmas, but last Christmas was the horrible beginning of the end. Luckily my x and I are on very congenial terms. He’s allowed me full custody and I have my girls every night under my roof. My oldest (7) is having lots of issues though. Thank you for saying this because I often feel as if I need to get as much space from him as possible and what my girls really need can get lost from time to time. Thanks again for your encouraging words! I wish the best for you too!!

      • Anytime Jenni, if something rang true for you GREAT! Oh & thank you for the warm holiday wishes too! You are not with him for a variety of reasons. For me, I wasn’t having my children subjected to abuse, yelling & screaming & so forth. I was a tough Jersey girl & didn’t back down (that wasn’t the best solution mind you). But I put my children 1st & left. Then in time as the dust settled, Christmas & birthdays are really special to me for everyone!!. So, again for my kids I felt the best thing was to include their dad on Christmas & birthdays, his family too. Christmas mornings ended, but birthdays lasted well into their teens. If you talked to my adult children, you’d love them! They are not only the best children I could ever hope for, but I am so very proud of the people they have become! I can tell from your writings, you also are a tough cookie! You will make the right choices & be a great mom for your girls!! I can feel it!!

        • Laura-Thanks so much! I love reading this. I’ve run out of steam tonight, being out numbered by 2 little girls once again. It’s hard to feel like I’m their only hope at growing up healthy! I hope when they’re grown I’ll feel what you’ve said! My X came today to hang Christmas lights for them, we had a family dinner on Friday-as much as it’s uncomfortable for me, I hope it’s good for the girls and not giving them false hope. I am a tough cookie, maybe too tough but your words are so encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to lift me up. Hugs to you!

  3. Quickly, tarte is having a 25% off sale for Black Friday. Check it out!

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