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Beauty Tip: Shave Your Face.

Tinkles-Shave Your FaceYes, the title is correct-it’s not a typo.  I, Jenni Raincloud, shave my face.  I used to wax women for a living.  I’ve probably waxed about a million upper lips and chins.  I always hated it.  It is a necessary evil, but it’s such a harsh procedure.   It’s tough on the skin and it hurts like hell.  In fact, I sported a blonde mustache up until a few months ago.  I wouldn’t say I was proud of it, I just hoped no one was noticing it.  Well, they were, so I waxed.  Holy crap-was this the amount of pain I was inflicting on all those ladies for all those years and charging them money for it?????  On top of the pain, I broke out horribly.  I might have had a hairless upper lip, but it was covered in tiny pimples.  Not worth it.  AT. ALL.

That’s when I-while creeping around You Tube, found Michelle Money and her video on shaving her face.  I’m a big Bachelor fan so obviously, Michelle Money is good with me.  Of course, you don’t want to shave your face with a regular razor.  You need a Tinkle.  Not to be confused with you need to tinkle.  Tinkle Razors are these tiny razor that are gentle and safe for your facial skin.  I’ve never nicked my skin with a Tinkle nor do I experience any discomfort while shaving or after shaving.  This is a must-DO NOT SHAVE YOUR FACE WITH A REGULAR RAZOR.  Trust me.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • Only shave your face after you’ve cleansed your skin.
  • If you are sensitive or very dry, apply a thin layer of moisturizer or coconut oil before you shave your face.
  • Always use tiny downward movements.
  • Don’t shave your forehead-You probably don’t need to and it’s hard.
  • I don’t use a Tinkle for my brows.  Because of the size and angle-it’s just to easy to screw up.
  • I shave my sideburns and cheeks and my upper and lower lip.
  • Not only will you remove hair, you will also remove dead skin!!  Yippee!
  • Always use a toner and moisturize afterwards.
  • I shave about 2x a month but you could shave weekly if needed.
  • Hair will not grow back stubbly or dark.  First off, it’s impossible to grow back darker and this razor is so gentle that it doesn’t chop the hair off like a normal razor would so it grows back soft!  I’ve never had stubble.
  • Your skin will feel smoother and your makeup will go on and look smoother as well!

Tinkles-The Female Face RazorWhether you have peach fuzz or a full blown 5 o’clock shadow-Tinkle Razors are an awesome solution.  As you can tell from my psychotic smiley picture above, I’m pretty excited about it.  While I have never been able to find research to support my opinion that waxing is too harsh for the skin, it doesn’t take a genius to know it’s not contributing to all your anti aging efforts!

Find Tinkle Razors HERE.

xx, Jenni


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, Jenni, this blows my mind! I use the wax strips or sometimes hot wax on my upper lip…maybe just once a month if that. But it can be so irritating. A little freaked out by this, but considering it. You haven’t steered me wrong yet!

  2. I believe Japanese women have been doing this for a very long time. Generations maybe? And their so. Looks amazing.

  3. It’s called Dermaplaning. Women pay a lot of money to get this done at spas with a scalpel. I have been using Tinkles for years now and they are amazing!! In Canada, I get them from

  4. Hey Jenni,
    Thanks for the review.. I am 18 years old an Asian girl which means Ive got lots and lots of hard thick dark hair all over my body including my face.. I use threading as a way to remove my upper lip hair but never found anything which would help me get rid of the rest of my facial hair on my cheeks,Side burns and neck..

    Do you think this will help me get rid of it without hair growing back stubby like a man’s beard? I am not afraid of thickness because I know it wouldn’t but Im afraid of the hair being stubby and hard.. Please let me know..

    LOVE, ❤️

    • Fareeba-I was so concerned that these little razors would make my hair grow back stubbly. They did not-however, I have a lot of fine, blonde facial hair. If I were you, I would just shave a small area first. If it grows back stubbly, use threading to get rid of it once it’s long again. I believe these little razors are so dull and angled in such a way that you won’t have this issue though. Thanks!! And good luck!

  5. I have been self conscious about my facial hair for most of my teenage and adult life. I’ve tried the hair removal creme, waxing and tweezing. I break out with waxing and the creme (plus it grows back immediately and makes my skin feel rough and dry). Tweezing of course only gets the thicker darker hairs but they grow right back. I tried this tinkle method last night after reading an article about it and my skin is so smooth and soft today and there is no hair! I am waiting to see how fast it grows back and if it is stubbly or not, but so far I am hoping this is and end to my search for a way to control my facial hair! Thanks!!

    • Angela! I’m so glad! I hope it works for you-it’s so gentle. My hair is a bit prickly when it first comes back but then it grows back as usual. Since this is so gentle, you could do it as much as every other day though. I suggest you use a facial oil on your skin first to give it a slip and help with irritation and give extra nourishment. Good luck!

  6. Great article! I’m going to try this, but would like to know how often do you have to switch to a new razor? Thanks!

    • Adele-I haven’t yet-They come in a 3 pack and I shave maybe once a month-I should do it more. I would say if you are more regular, like once a week, the razor might last a good month to two.

  7. Wow! This is an amazing post!
    Thanks for sharing your experience. And yes, I also think that waxing is too harsh and also people who have waxed their face, they later complain about breakouts.
    Just one question: normally people use foam or soap which lathers well to shave. Is that the same case with these razors?
    Your post has encouraged me to get my hands on this Tinkle Razor. Thanks! 🙂

  8. ‘It’s a necessary evil’ uh no it’s not. No one has to rip off natural body hair and there is zero ‘necessity’ of it. That this low scum society has somehow convinced ‘females’ that this ‘female hair’ is an evil, poisonous phenomenon, is a different matter. I have grown up with three sisters and it’s sickening to have had to see them go through painful bullshi* for some trashy conception of ‘gender’.

  9. George,

    Not true.

    This is a personal preference. No one is forcing any of these women to do it. So, something that is fine for some, may not be for others. You seem to have gender issues, anger, and are applying it to this. Plus this author is sharing HER experience and wisdom (which she has every right to do), before others try, or were wanting to try.

    Judging from the use of adjectives, anger, and low opinion of society, I sense there are some past issues haunting you. I wish you peace and hope you get the healing you need.

    p.s. Jenni thanks for the tips! Curious your experience with this product, a year later. Good? Bad? Changed mind? Or still the same?

  10. Hello,
    I want to try this, but I’m curious, does it shave the hair down to the skin (like a normal razor would), or does it leave the hair very very short, which I’d be fine with. I hope my question makes sense. Thanks! 🙂

    • Dani-I’m not sure I understand what you mean but you shave the hair down (with the hair growth) rather then up (against). It leaves the hair very short. Hope this answers your questions!

  11. Hi Jenni,
    When I had dermaplaning done I was told that using upward strokes exfoliates the skin better. Thx!

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