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Lulu Kati Kati house…..An Urban Treehouse.

The Lulu Kati Kati house is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The architect and homeowner is Kate Otten.  Lulu Kati Kati is Swahili for Pearl in the Middle.  The home is built into a cliff amongst large trees which are the home to many exotic birds. On one side of the home is a nature preserve and on the opposite is a busy street which gives the home a dual personality!   Eucalyptus tree trucks support the sides, weighing half a ton each and are 31 feet in length!  The house has three … [Read more...]

Seattle dreaming….. On such a sunny day.

Frank Lloyd Wright is my absolute favorite architect.  I find his Tracy house one of the most intriguing and not just because it's in Seattle!  The Tracy home overlooks Puget Sound.  It is made entirely of exposed concrete blocks. It was built in 1955 for Bill and Elizabeth Tracy. It's a single story home that has 1150 square feet.  Wright gave particular attention to the sun, views and privacy when positioning a house.  Wright's signature red tile is located on the front porch. There are 1700 … [Read more...]

Bar Carts….. A distant dream.

I think bar carts are so luxurious.  It's like only the wealthy, beautiful, fabulous people have bar carts.  I imagine sipping martinis with 60's lounge music in the background, rubbing shoulders with intellectuals, artists and moody writers.  I do have an imagination.   Having 2 young kids a bar cart is out of the question. My youngest would be sampling each bottle of alcohol while throwing glasses against the wall and my oldest would be stealing all my drinking accessories for her own party … [Read more...]

Artemide’s Nesso Lamp….

One of a few iconic pieces that I absolutely adore is the Nesso lamp.  It was designed by Giancarlo Mattioli in 1967.  It is said to be inspired by the Italian women's belly button (those Italians....)  It is featured in the 20th Century collection at the Metropolitan Museum of art.  This lamp has been in continuous production for 40 years now.  I own a reproduction of the larger and an authentic Nessino lamp, which is the smaller version of the Nesso.     ! … [Read more...]

Boho Hippie Chic…..

In the last few years my interior design style has evolved quite a bit.  I would say that the foundation of my style is modern-but I have to have color.  I'm drawn to Scandinavian design for it's pops of color, but Boho/Hippie Chic has been on my radar lately.  I love a global look to a home and Boho definitely has a heavy influence of Middle Eastern and Moroccan textiles.  It's hard to integrate this look with out making the room look cheap.  It's a fine art getting this look right.  I've been … [Read more...]

Jim Morrison’s Laurel Canyon home……

So it's no secret that I LOVE The Doors.  I've been consistently obsessed since I was 15 years old.  As a young romantic, I fell in love with Jim's poetry, the music and of course that face.  As I've matured I've come to the realization how young these guys were and that unfortunately drugs played a huge role in their music careers.  So many people, in the pursuit of expanding their minds, fall prey to the destruction of drugs.  Regardless of my more sobering view at 35, I still adore them.  In … [Read more...]