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So Simple Spray Deodorant!

I went to the gym today.   I haven't been in years-I usually do Peak 8 on my treadmill at home so going somewhere was a BIG change.  It donned on me before I went that I was going to have to do something about my outrageous B.O.  I quit deodorant a while ago.  I made my own (recipe HERE) but ran out and just never made more.  I'm probably sounding like a crunchy hippy about now, I'm really not, just my pits are.  Let me just be frank-I STINK. All. The. Time.  So this morning I recalled a post on … [Read more...]

Sugar Cookie Lip Balm….

Merry Christmas everyone!  Santa is coming and just maybe he's sick of eating cookies everyone leaves him.....  and just maybe he'd be excited about getting SUGAR COOKIE LIP BALM?!  Ha, probably not, but how fun is a sugar cookie lip balm?!  It's an easy recipe that is super nourishing, not to mention yummy for your lips! Sugar Cookie Lip Balm 1/4 cup Grapeseed Oil (find it HERE) 4 Sugar Cookie Tea Bags (find it HERE) 1/8 tsp. Vanilla Extract 1/2 tsp. Sugar 1 TBSP. Beeswax (find it … [Read more...]

Homemade Apricot Myrrh Dry Skin Stick!

I'm on a dry skin kick this week!  My skin is dryer than it has ever been.  People who suffer from dry skin also battle with premature aging.  I am at the age that I am trying to slow the aging process down!  As our skin ages, dry skin becomes more common.  Oil production usually slows as we get older.  Oil is what lubricates the skin and allows gravity to not wreak havoc on the skin.  The more you can quench your skin, the less your wrinkles will take center stage!   This lovely recipe has … [Read more...]

3 Remedies for the Dry Skin Blues…..

I want to talk about dry skin today.  For most of my early years I was oily.  I was busy trying to get rid of oil and prevent breakouts!  Boy have times changed.  After having my first daughter my skin dramatically changed.  On the positive side, I rarely deal with blemishes-but the negative side is that my skin has started to become painfully dry.  I'm so dry that applying a moisturizer sometimes hurts.  Do you know the feeling?  Read on for some easy DIY remedies for tight, dry and aging … [Read more...]

7 CHEAP and EASY DIY Stocking Stuffers!

Christmas is coming at us at lightening speed-If you're like me, you're spending all your money on gifts for your kids and running here and there for more wrapping paper, garland, Christmas lights, etc. The Christmas season can really be hard on the bank account!  My poor friends and relatives usually get slided and end up with something super lame and cheap or NOTHING-Yikes!  WELL, NOT THIS YEAR!!!   I've compiled a list of 7 super easy DIY beauty gifts your friends and family will love!  I've … [Read more...]

Avocado Shea Facial Mask….

It is officially freezing outside.   Cold weather can wreak havoc on skin.  If you are from a dry climate like I am your skin really suffers in the winter.  Between home and car heaters, cold dry air and hot showers my skin forms dry patches and starts to feel and look tight and dehydrated.  That's not good for anyone much less skin that is not young and supple anymore!  So, I'm determined to find ways to relieve my dry skin while "feeding" my face lots of vitamins and antioxidants minus the … [Read more...]