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Get It By Tomorrow-Valentine’s Gifts for Her!!

Valentine's is Wednesday-Total panic mode, right?!  It's not too late to find a unique and special gift for your special someone!  And-if you're your own Valentine-it's the perfect day to treat yourself!!  Did you know you can buy flowers and chocolates on Amazon?  Yep!   You got this! Bluetooth Headphones-So super cute and they're cheap and noise canceling! Ceramic Bowls w/ Bamboo Lids-Who doesn't need pink bowls? 14 Karat Heart Bracelet-A little pricey but so dainty and simple. … [Read more...]

FEVERS-Your Body’s Defense…

Fevers are one of the most misunderstood bodily responses.  They get a bad rap and cause panic when in reality they are necessary and a positive sign the body's immune system if functioning properly to protect your body from foreign invaders.  Today I felt it was the perfect time to break down the ins and outs of a fever so the next time you encounter one, you know exactly what to do. As I write this, I am in bed with my youngest as she battles a fever.  She's listless, shivering and … [Read more...]

Kill a Virus with Hydrogen Peroxide!

As we continue to battle cold and flu season I wanted to share something I do on myself and my daughters at the very first sign of an illness.  It's cheap, safe and simple and in my experience, it has ward off many an illness!  What is it?  Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear.  Sounds crazy but there is scientific data supporting that viruses often enter the body via the ear.  Many natural doctors claim patient after patient have been able to dodge flu and colds by using this method of defense.  So … [Read more...]

The Truth About the Flu Shot…

The flu is such a hot topic right now.  Every night on the news I'm hearing of another fatality due to the flu.  I feel that the news as well as the majority of doctors are scaring us into either getting the flu shot or highly considering it.  Even armed with information, I still feel anxiety over the flu epidemic and the push to get a shot.  So, I ran across some info. from a very trusted source and felt like I needed to share it immediately.  I'm basically regurgitating this information from … [Read more...]

You Might Want To Rethink Your Protein Powder….

Taking protein powder on a regular basis is common for most people following a workout regime.  While I'm not a big protein shake person, I've been around many who are and wondered if taking a shake daily can really benefit your body?  I had a hunch most protein powders were bad news and I was right.  However, after doing some research, I found there are safe and healthy powders out there that can enhance your workouts and your muscle's response as well as benefit your overall health. When I … [Read more...]

Winter Blues? 3 Mood Lifting Diffuser Blends + Room Spray Recipes!

I'm not one to complain about things I can't change but GEEEEZZZZZ!!  All day I'm grumbling about this cold weather!  I live in a very dry climate that usually stays semi mild during the winter but this winter has been a killer.  As I write this, the fire is on, space heater is on, I'm under a fur blanket and am still freezing. Plus, the sun is blaring bright all the time.  Can I at least have some dark clouds?  Anyway-there I go again.  Browsing Pinterest one day I was reminded of the power of … [Read more...]