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Anti Stretch Mark Belly Serum

Stretch Mark SerumIt’s Beautiful Skin Friday at Primally Inspired!  Check out my recipe for a stretch mark serum!  You might recall my post on Belly Butter-this serum is simply healing and nourishing oils mixed in a spray bottle for easy application!  Perfect for fading and preventing stretch marks as well as nourishing dry skin!

Head to Primally Inspired for my Anti Stretch Mark Belly Serum!


Anti Stretch Mark Serum


  1. Shraddha says:

    Hi Jenni!

    I love your stretch mark serum and belly rub recipes.
    Can I start using the serum immediately (I’m only two weeks along) or do I have to make it without the EO until I get to my second trimester?

    Can I use the serum and rub both or would that be too much EO?

    Thank you!

    • Shraddha-Congratulations!!! If I were you, I’d make it without the essential oils and use it daily NOW. Once you hit your 2nd trimester add in the e.os. If you make the rub/balm, you can simply reheat it to add the oils or just stir them in. I would choose one product at a time. You won’t need both. Good luck!

  2. Will this serum help fade a csection scar?

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