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DIY vs. Store Bought Skin Care…

DIY Skin Care vs. Commercial Skin Care

So, it's been brought to my attention that I've been a little confusing to my readers.  I certainly don't want to confuse you all so I'm doing this post to explain how I feel about DIY skin care vs. Commercial skin care.  When I say "commercial", I mean that the products were created in a lab by scientists, then mass produced. In the beginning, Jenni Raincloud got it's start by sharing DIY skin care recipes.  About a year into the blog, I started branching out a bit by doing product reviews … [Read more...]

6 Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin…(that you might not have thought of!)

Essential Oils For Skin Care

I tend to talk about the same handful of essential oils don't I?  I've made my love for geranium, lavender, cypress and carrot seed essential oil pretty apparent!  I thought today we would explore a few other oils that have wonderful effects on the skin and would be great additions to your DIY serums, creams and toners! Patchouli Essential Oil: Despite the hippie stigma attached to this oil, Patchouli is a wonderful oil for achieving beautiful skin. It is helpful when applied to slow healing … [Read more...]

A Flawless Complexion by Dusty Girls

Dusty Girls Earth Cream review

I love this job.  I seriously do.  I get sent products for me to try out and if I like them, I share on the blog.  Don't worry-I always make it really clear that if I don't like the product then I'm not going to do a post!  In this particular case, I've found a foundation and blush that I will re-order as soon as I run out. First off, let me tell you a bit about Dusty Girls.  They are an Australian based make up company.  Their aim is to create makeup that gives the skin a naturally pretty … [Read more...]

My New & Improved DIY Skin Care Recipe Directory!

DIY Homemade Skin Care

I'm just popping in to let you know I have re-organized my Skin Care tab (under Beauty Recipes) in my navigation bar above!!  Now you can pick and choose from DIY recipes by category!!  Enjoy!! xx, Jenni P.S. This suggestion came from you guys!!  Leave me a comment below if you have any other suggestions on organizing my blog!  I'd love to hear!! Cleansers DIY Organic Cleanser Recipe Homemade Olive Oil Cleanser and Face Cream DIY Lavender Silky Body Wash The Oil Cleansing … [Read more...]

Eco Nuts Review

Eco Nuts Review

So there's this new, crazy way to wash clothes without toxins-with nuts.  Yeah, you heard me, NUTS!   Eco Nuts is an up and coming laundry detergent line that utilizes the soap berry-These nuts actually contain soap and release soap when shaken in water.  Not only are they all natural, they also soften your laundry as well.  Plus, Eco-Nuts will save you a lot of money because of how little is used to effectively wash a load of clothes.   Too good to be true? Did you know that detergents are … [Read more...]

The Dirt Magnet Mask…

Activated Charcoal & Clay Mask

Boy have I got the mask for you...   A few months ago I shared a recipe for an activated charcoal healing salve.  I absolutely love this salve and have used it all summer to pull the venom/itch out of mosquito bites.  As soon as I started researching activated charcoal, I knew it was going to be a product I was going to be able to use.  There are just so many DIY skin care recipes we could use activated charcoal for but today we'll start simple.  Let's make a detox face mask that is going to … [Read more...]

Your MUST-HAVES for Back To School…

Jeddy's Blend-Spark Naturals

Today is the big day-Sofie's first day of 1st grade!  Wow.  She's just growing so fast.  My youngest, Heidi and I are surviving our first day in months without her but the clock crawls and the baby bawls.  This year, despite feeling sad to see her go for the majority of the day, I was looking forward to coming back into some sort of routine.  We've had the hardest and busiest summer of our lives.  A very close family member has been out of commission with health issues and of course, the never … [Read more...]

Recover from Summer with 1 Ingredient…

Benefits of Coconut Oil on the Skin

So summer is winding down-school is about to start and I'm starting to get goosies (i'm using that word too, J.Lo) just thinking about fall!!!!  That being said, despite cooler weather on it's way, my hair and skin are leaving a lot to be desired.  I'm sure I'm not the only one in need of some major moisture and healing??!!  If you are looking for a 1 ingredient solution to stressed out skin and dry, stringy hair, open your cupboard-SURPRISE, it's coconut oil!! I think I mentioned this a few … [Read more...]

How to Make A Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl-How To

There's a new craze in the natural world-Move over you plain ole' smoothies in a glass!  Say hello to spooning up your smoothies in a bowl!  At first I wondered what the point was and what the difference was, but after mastering the "art" of the bowl, I'm quite enjoying this new trend! That being said, there's a huge learning curve on how to get your smoothie smooth, creamy and thick.  Today I'm going to help you skip the dry runs and make a mouth watering smoothie bowl on your first … [Read more...]

J.Raincloud Organics FLASH SALE!! 25% Off Everything!

J.Raincloud Organics Etsy

Etsy sale today and tomorrow (friday & saturday) only on all J.Raincloud Organic products!!  Now is your chance to try out my handmade, fresh and simple skin care your skin will love!! Use code SUMMER to receive 25% off your entire order!! >>>SHOP HERE<<<   … [Read more...]

Exciting Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Uses and Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

You might be surprised to know that hydrogen peroxide is a natural substance.  I always assumed hydrogen peroxide was just another chemically based, drug store product.  This is not the case and to top it off, you can use it for several different things that I think you'll find exciting and very useful!! First off, hydrogen peroxide is 2 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms.  Yeah, blah blah blah.  That doesn't mean much.  Let's talk about what it does.  These 2 atoms combine to make a … [Read more...]

And the Winners Are…..

Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!!  I appreciate all your sweet comments and I'm excited that many of you are excited about my new Detox Oil Cleanser!! The winners have been drawn and I'm excited to send out some products!! Facebook Winner: Kristy Knepper Martorana Instagram Winner:  Emily Reynolds/eamatthews1 Blog Winner:  Jane Saffery Congratulations!  Each of you have one my 5 piece skin care set!  You have 5 days to message me your address!  If you didn't win, sign up … [Read more...]