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3 Easy Costumes from Breakfast At Tiffany’s…

Audrey HepburnI love Halloween, but getting invited to a costume party seriously get’s me flustered.  I mean, I could just go out and by a stupid expensive, overly sexual, slutty pirate costume, right?  WRONG.  Ha, Ha…. Gone are those days that a slutty nurse, a slutty cat, a slutty mouse, a slutty clown, or a slutty witch is gonna work!  I’m so over it.  These days, Halloween costumes should be clever and witty and hopefully about 70% of your get up can be worn again in a normal setting.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one is this boat so I thought I would do a little post on 3 different Breakfast at Tiffany’s looks that are set apart from the expected, are super chic and seriously cute!

Look #1 Tuxedo Shirt:

Audrey HepburnI love this scene in the movie-That mask is to die for and an over sized tuxedo shirt-so chic.  Below, I linked the best earplugs and masks Etsy has to offer!  Plus I found a few tuxedo shirts that look big enough to work.  I would suggest shopping in the men’s section for this look-That tuxedo shirt is huge on Audrey, plus, getting a big shirt is the only way that would be party appropriate.  I also linked some nude flats.  She’s barefoot in the scene, so nude flats would help give that illusion.

Holly Golightly-Audrey Hepburn


Look #2-Moon River

Audrey HepburnThis scene stands out in the movie because the famous song, Moon River, was sung.  Funny thing, this look is easy and comfortable yet chic at the same time!  Oh and don’t you worry-I found a cheap ukelele too!  Hair is simple with a hand towel tied like a head band at the top of the head.

Audrey Hepburn

Look #3 Trench Coat

Audrey HepburnLet me start by saying-trench coats are classic.  They never go out of style and look incredibly classy in every situation.  If this is the look you go for, know you will be able to wear a trench for decades to come.  Add a black kitten heel and the right hair and you’ve got a look.  The hair is very important in this one.  Audrey has volume at the top with 1/2 her hair up and the other 1/2 in 2 pig tails secured near the lower back of her head.  Oh and don’t forget Cat!

Audrey HepburnLet’s Talk Hair & Makeup:


The 60’s makeup is marked by a perfect cat eye.  Audrey’s cat eye is the epitome of that look.  A liquid black eye liner is a must.  Audrey wears lots of lashes and a light smokey gray effect on the lids.  Brows are big and bushy but slightly shaped and not drawn in.  Throughout the film she wears a pinky/nude lip stick that doesn’t compete with the eye makeup.  Find a really fresh pink blush and you are set!

Hair was teased at the crown and pulled back.  Audrey has tiny little bangs that probably only work on her so I would skip that!  Her hair color is a medium brown with blonde/caramel thick highlights.  Her hair is long and straight.

I really hope this helped some of you with your costumes!  My hope is that this will be a one stop shop for your perfect Halloween look!  Please leave me comments on your costume ideas-I would LOVE to hear them!  Oh, and I really hope I didn’t offend anyone with my clear disapproval of sexy Halloween costumes-to each is own-if we’re at the same party, I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut!

Happy Halloween and remember-keep it classy!

xx, Jenni

Oh and for a good laugh-Check out my MAJOR FAUX PAS in the past years!

halloween collage 1

New & Improved Anti Wrinkle Eye Sticks!

Anti Wrinkle Eye StickMany of you are familiar with my Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick recipe.  It was my most popular post in 2013 and might get that title for 2014 as well!  I ended up selling them in my Etsy shop and constantly sold out!  In my opinion-this is the best DIY eye treatment I have ever found or made.

I don’t use many of my own DIY’s anymore because I am testing out commercial products so I can share them with you if they are really great.  I do use this though.  I keep it by my bed and use it nightly.  I absolutely love it.  My skin responds well to it and I believe it keeps those pesky under eye wrinkles at bay.  I use it in between my brows (where my wrinkles are most prominent, thanks to my furrowed brow expression that I’ve had since a child and passed on to my youngest, ugh!)  I also swipe it across my laugh lines because luckily I laugh as often as I scowl!

That being said… I have had to take this lovely DIY out of my Etsy shop for the summer due to it’s balm like consistency.  It would melt in transit and I didn’t want to take a chance on sacrificing quality.   I decided it was time to change the consistency and also change the formula to reflect the new things I have learned this year.

This is a very easy DIY and there are no worries of bacteria or contamination because this recipe contains no water.  I also was able to keep the shea butter in the new recipe since it is so helpful in supporting and producing collagen!  I omitted beeswax because we don’t need it to harden the liquid and it really is not needed for this eye treatment.  I also omitted coconut oil because I don’t feel like this oil is good enough for an eye treatment.  I started to feel like it was more of a “filler” ingredient.

Of course I kept carrot seed essential oil and lavender because they are just fabulous for the skin, especially the delicate eye tissue.  The great news is, my oil company of choice, Spark Naturals, now carries Carrot Seed Oil!  Their quality carrot seed oil in this recipe makes this eye stick so much more effective!

The new secret ingredient is Goji Berry Extract!   HERE I have a recipe for trail mix with goji berries and I talk about the magic of ingesting goji berries.  Goji berries applied topically to the skin is no exception!  They are full of power ingredients that are effective aging busters!

Benefits of Goji Berries for the Skin:

  • Vitamin C is very prominent in goji berries.  They are HIGH in vitamin C which help with the production of collagen!  Vitamin C also protects the skin from free radical damage and can be an effective way to fade sun and age spots.
  • Amino Acids: Fill in fine lines, even skin tone and smooth the skin.
  • Minerals-These berries contiain calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and selenium.  These minerals help the skin heal and regenerate!
  • Carotenoids help protect the skin from sun damage.
  • Polysaccharides have antioxidant properties and help hydrate the skin by protecting the skin’s natural hydration.  They also have skin regenerating qualities and decrease inflammation.

Now that the eye stick is more of a liquid consistency it works perfect in a roller bottle.  Over the last couple of months I have experimented with the roller bottle and the consistency of the eye stick and find the application is even smoother and gentler then the balm!  I don’t really get a good roll on the ball of the bottle but the product is thin enough that it comes out nicely and evenly.

Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick

1.5 TBSP. Meadowfoam Seed Oil (find it HERE)

1 TBSP. Sweet Almond Oil (find it HERE)

1 tsp. Unrefined Shea Butter (find it HERE)

1/16 tsp. Goji Berry Extract (find it HERE)

1/2 tsp. Vitamin E oil (find it HERE)

6 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil (find it HERE)

12 drops Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)


  1. Fill a medium sized pot 1/2 way full of water.
  2. Place a glass pyrex bowl with a spout into the pot.
  3. Add meadowfoam seed oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E oil to the glass bowl.
  4. Heat on MEDIUM heat until shea butter has melted totally.
  5. Remove from heat and add goji berry extract and the essential oils.
  6. Using a small funnel or a large dropper, add your mixture into roll on bottles.
  7. Let cool and use!
  8. Shake each time you apply to evenly distribute the shea butter.

DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick P1100965Find roll on bottles HERE.  These bottles come with 3 free plastic droppers which are perfect for no-mess filling!

This recipe will make about 5 roll ons.   Since there are no worries about bacteria, these would be great to give to friends and family!  They are so nourishing and moisturizing for anyone.  My pores clog with everything but using this around the eyes, I have no issues so I would say this is safe for all skin types.  Very little is needed.  If you use too much, your skin will not absorb it.  Plus, it’s so pure and potent, you only need a tiny amount.

When you fill your roller bottle be sure to leave a bit of room at the top because you will need to shake your bottle every time you use it due to the shea butter.  It will solidify a bit but shaking will redistribute it.

If you would like to skip this DIY but are interested in trying it, I have a limited amount available on my Etsy shop!  Find them HERE!

xx, Jenni

Your DIY products are only as good as the ingredients you use. 

Mountain Rose Herb is always a good idea when it comes to carrier oils.  I have linked them in my recipe so you can easily find what you are looking for.  You will find everything you need and much more under the “INGREDIENTS” tab on their lovely website.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Spark Naturals is my go-to essential oil company-Their essential oils are pharmaceutical grade, certified, pure essential oils.  Use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD for 10% off your order!

Your Halloween Accessory Guide!

Halloween AccessoriesHalloween is probably my favorite holiday-should I be admitting that?  Probably not.  Anyway-I’ve scouted some super cute and fun accessories that are perfect for the season!   Click on the pics below to shop the accessories!!  Enjoy!!

Shop the Accessories!




xx, Jenni

Deals of the Week!

deals of the week

Happy Wednesday!  This has been a super busy week for sales!  Don’t miss out on the SHOPBOP sale that ends tonight!!  Find my SHOPBOP picks HERE.  Also Forever 21, a cheap girl’s best friend (that’s me!) is still having 30% off your entire purchase with the code-TAKE30.  Nordstrom is having some great deals on Kate Spade and Tory Burch bags and jewelery-I think I’ll buy THIS bracelet now!!

xx, Jenni

Pacifica Body Products Review…

Pacifica ReviewSo most of you are aware of my current giveaway and probably noticed my beauty box is full of Pacifica.  Not too long ago, I ran into some info. about this company.  I had originally dismissed the products because I thought they were just another one of those lines that boast of being “all-natural” but were far from it.  I thought they were all about their packaging and being green but not about the actual ingredients in their products.  There are so many skin care lines that use clever wording to make people feel like their products are free from harmful chemicals.  In reality the “natural” word they tack on really just means they use synthetic ingredients that are meant to sound like they come from nature.

Pacifica is truly a breath of fresh air-Let me start by pointing out why you should look into this Jenni Raincloud approved line.  I have so many reasons for you to love this line like I do.

For the last year I have been making my own body washes and creams.  While I do enjoy the creative process of a DIY-I do not enjoy having to use a preservative or not using one and worrying about the bacteria issue.  I also have tripped upon a tricky little thing called pH. This is so important in skin care products and testing pH can be very tricky.  Knowing professional skin care chemists are behind my body wash and lotion gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling!

A side note about the body wash-I love it-I don’t like to pay for body wash but this product lathers so well that you only use a tiny bit at a time.  My bottle is lasting a long time and well worth it knowing it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients-Plus the Tahitian Gardenia smells so fresh!

Reasons to LOVE Pacifica:

  • Pacifica was founded and is run by a woman.
  • Pacifica products contain no animal ingredients, FD&C color, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil or triclosan.
  • No animal testing EVER.
  • Gluten Free.
  • 100% Vegan.
  • Pacifica does not use endangered ingredients.
  • Pacifica supports local charities and donates products to local women’s shelters.
  • All candles contain lead free wicks.
  • Their nail polish is 7 free!!! NO parabens, phthalates (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, and animals
  • Pacifica is easy to find-Target and Ulta carry most of the line.
  • Affordable price point.

Pacifica Review pacifica 2I have used a large amount of Pacifica products and let me just say, I love all of them.  I am currently using their body wash, body butter, hand cream, lip balm, perfume, and facial wipes.  I just love that I can pick these goodies up at the same time I grocery shop!

I will be testing their makeup line in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that review-I am very hopeful to find more natural makeup that looks good on the skin and not just in the packaging!

xx, Jenni