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Deals of the Week!

deals of the weekIt’s that time of the week again!  Your 1/2 way to the weekend so it’s time for a pick me up!  I’ve scouted more amazing deals for you!  I’m telling you-this series is really hard on my budget-I buy half of what I find!  Anyway-if you see something you like, click on the pic to go straight to the item!  Happy shopping!!

xx, Jenni

Newspaper Print Manicure!

Newspaper Print ManicureHappy October 1st!  This is, hands down my favorite month of the year!

So I’m always checking out other beauty blogs and came across the coolest idea for a manicure-Forgive me for not siting where I found it first because my computer pooped out and I lost my tabs!  This type of mani. is really nothing new though, google it and you’ll see.  Anyway, it’s new to me and hopefully to you too!

I fell in love with the look of newspaper font on a light nail-it reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe and fall.  I’m not sure why but I’m rolling with it.

This couldn’t be easier so let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

Newspaper Print Mani


  1. Apply a base coat-This is optional.  I like to do it to protect my nails plus it makes the polish go on a bit smoother.
  2. Apply 2 coats of color.
  3. Dip 1 finger into alcohol.
  4. Place a newspaper clipping over the top of the nail-Make sure the paper is totally wet.  If not dab a bit more alcohol over the top.
  5. Press for 15 seconds.  BE SURE NOT TO MOVE THE PAPER AROUND!!!
  6. Remove paper and move to the next nail.
  7. Apply a top coat to seal in the ink.

Newspaper Print ManicureNewspaper Print ManicureThere you have it!  So easy and different!  I hope you like this look!  It’s a nice change and perfect for fall!

xx, Jenni


Makeup Tutorial for a Hooded Eye

Makeup Tutorial for a Hooded EyeI’m so excited to do my first makeup tutorial today!  When I used to work in a spa as an aesthetician, I also worked as a make up artist. I have put off sharing some tutorials with you all because I was so worried about not getting the lighting right.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did making it!

I love doing makeup!  It’s amazing how even a small amount of makeup applied in the right way can bring out or disguise a person’s features.  It truly is an art form!

Today I am going to give you tips on how to minimize the look of a hooded eye or droopy eyelid.  A hooded eye is when your brow bone is lower and your eye lid is not visible when your eyes are open.  This can be a certain bone structure or can be from age causing the eyelid to sag.  Typically a person with a hooded eye, or droopy eye has small eyes.  Some people see this bone structure as very beautiful, while some people see it as an issue.  Some famous women that have a hooded eye are Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Selena Gomez.  Most Asian eyes are hooded as well.

hooded eye 4

Whatever you want to minimize or recede you darken.

Whatever you want to bring forward, you lighten.

The trick with a hooded eye is to apply your shadow not in the crease, but right on top of the crease.  You want to minimize the bone so you apply your shadow on top of the bone.  I love the Too Faced, Natural Eye neutral eye compact.  This compact contains everything I use for a daytime look all the way to nighttime.  I also use the lightest matte taupe in the palette to fill in my brows for a natural look.

You always want to highlight the bone area right beneath your brow.  I like to highlight between my eyes and underneath my eyes as well.  This helps to enlarge the eyes, making them look more awake.  I love to use Benefit’s High Brow-It’s a soft pencil that is so smooth and easy to blend.  It gives just the right brightness.

Another way to make the eyes look bigger is to curl the lashes and make sure your lashes are pointed upwards after applying mascara.  I have recently discovered Tarte’s Gifted Mascara.  I absolutely love it-the brush separates and thickens my lashes quite well, it doesn’t smudge and it lasts all day.  Plus it’s free of parabens and other harsh chemicals!  Once in a while, after I’ve applied my mascara, my lashes will be pointed sideways rather then upwards.  When this happens I give a quick squeeze with the eyelash curler and this does the trick!

In order to not enclose the eye, I hardly ever wear eye liner.  While it can enhance the lash line, making the lashes look thicker, lining the eyes always makes them look smaller.

By applying a lighter shadow on the lid, you can have the appearance of a more pronounced lid.

Once you are finished applying your shadows, always go back and blend, blend, blend.  It’s really easy to make this look really harsh.  Blend in an outward motion making sure to not deposit too much dark to the highlighted area.

Makeup Lesson Droopy or Hooded EyelHooded eye droopy eye makeup tutorialI hope you enjoyed my first makeup tutorial!  I sure did!  Comment below if you have any questions or would like to see more makeup tutorials! Below, I have linked the makeup I used in this tutorial.


xx, Jenni